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Friday Dec 10, 2021

Insight frameworks represent an expression of the strategy, tactics and implementations of research flowing through a business. In this episode, we investigate what is an insight framework is, why are they important and how can you start building one. While there is no single starting point, over the course of ten minutes we identify best practices, common themes and stand-out examples from customer centric brands.

Friday Nov 12, 2021

To democratise data is to provide access, control and input over the research process to the end-users of data. There’s a huge range of benefits that this can provide, from better communication to more streamlined project management. But to create a true culture of insight is challenging. In this episode, we discuss the steps to success.

Monday Nov 01, 2021

In this episode, we’re joined by Greg Morris, Senior Brand Research Manager at F1. Over the course of ten minutes, we evaluate the role of insight activation in market research – what it is, why it’s important and the impact that it can have. Greg shares his advice for engaging stakeholders throughout a research project, overcoming time constraints and turning insight into action.

Thursday Sep 09, 2021

As the volume of available data sources increases and business decision making becomes ever-more distributed, how do you capture stakeholder attention and ensure insight has a seat at the table? Joining us to answer that question Maria Twigge, Research Director at FlexMR. We touch on the importance of creativity and innovation in presenting market research results, the skills insight professionals need to take advantage of new ideas and what the future of insight reporting might look like.

Wednesday Aug 25, 2021

In an ever-expanding sea of options, it can be difficult to find the right mix of market research data collection methods. In this episode, we dive into the decision-making process and investigate how you can audit your research skills and investments in relation to the needs of your company. We discuss a set of four key questions that you should ask in order to develop the right balance.

Tuesday Jul 27, 2021

What does it mean to humanise data? This episode dives into the meaning of this often-misunderstood option in the insight professional’s toolkit. We investigate the alternate definitions before working through an example of the ways in which buyer personas can be brought to life. The episode closes with an exploration of where and when to apply the practice, and how to overcome the most difficult challenges.

Friday Jul 16, 2021

In this episode, we’re joined by Dan Siddle, Senior Consumer and Brand Insights Manager for Western Europe at the Molson Coors Beverage Company. We discuss how insight teams can dig deeper into key questions, understand needs and prioritise projects.
Dan shares advice for managing proactive and reactive research, criteria for evaluating priorities and processes for streamlining business relationships. We also touch on navigating the uncertainty around major exploratory projects.

Thursday May 13, 2021

In this episode of the MRX Lab, we look at the roles of customer, user and human experience research. We look back at the origins of UX and CX to investigate how they have evolved over time and what might be in store next.
We also deep dive into the emerging field of human experience research. While still new, definitions that agree on one thing. HX involves understanding and designing for human emotion – it seeks to answer questions about people, not interactions or things.

Wednesday Apr 21, 2021

On the latest episode of the MRX Lab, we interview Charlotte Evans on how to effectively connect with long-term market research participants. An expert in engagement, Charlotte highlights why this is such an important topic for insight professionals to understand.
We discuss the differences between participant engagement based on project factors, such as length or methodology – in addition to the tactics that remain the same across all types.

Tuesday Mar 23, 2021

In this episode we speak with Sally Nicholls on how to approach the design stage of the research process. Drawing on years of experience, Sally highlights the common challenges that insight professionals face and practical ways to overcome them.
In particular, we discuss the role of robust debate - finding the common ground between insight professionals and stakeholders. Additionally, Sally draws attention to the real-world considerations that must be factored into effective research design.

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